Trauma-informed schools not only improve academic achievement in struggling students, but cultivate resilience within entire communities.

This spark session will examine the requirements for collaboration between schools and community providers to create a trauma sensitive environment for all students and discussion will address how collaboration can be achieved through common purpose, objectives, and shared language.

Participants will walk away with tools for creating a mutual vision and aligning current initiatives and resources to support a universal shift in perspective to see all policies and practices through a trauma-sensitive lens. Lessons for implementation will be guided by SaintA’s 7ei (7 Essential Ingredients) Model of Trauma-Sensitive Schools, which has been developed through the organization’s 10 years of experience in creating trauma sensitive schools.  

Learning Objectives

  • Steps for cultivating collaboration and partnership between schools and community providers using trauma-sensitive practice
  • Tools for creating a shared vision and common language and to align current school initiatives
  • Introduction to a free online resource that was co-authored by the presenter in collaboration with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to direct the implementation of trauma sensitive practice and use of this lens for all policies and practices
  • Essential elements for a trauma-sensitive school outlined in the 7ei Model

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Presenter: Sara Daniel, director of clinical services and staff development, SaintA

Connect on Twitter: @SaintAorg

Sara Daniel
Director of Clinical Services and Staff Development

Sara Daniel is the director of clinical services and staff development for SaintA, an organization that is leading the way in providing trauma-informed care to children and families in Wisconsin. Since 1997, she has been collaborating with school districts and early care settings to provide consultation and training around working with students affected by trauma, mental health issues, or behavioral challenges. She oversees a continuum of services to support student success by working with students, families, and schools.

Daniel is currently a member of the Trauma Sensitive School Workgroup for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the co-author of the Trauma Sensitive Schools Toolkit and Trauma Sensitive Schools Learning Module Series. She has worked with countless school districts nationwide and trained over 12,000 school staff on the 7ei (Seven Essential Ingredients) of Trauma Sensitive Schools. Daniel is also certified in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) and is the leader of the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Interface Master Trainer Project for Wisconsin.