Speed Solutions

At the start of each 30-minute session, two presenters will briefly share a leadership problem or challenge they faced. Afterward presenters will lead a discussion during which participants will comment on how they would address the problem/challenge. At the end of the session the presenters will reveal how they dealt with the problem/challenge and outcomes of their decisions.


These sessions begin with up to five presenters and participants seated in a circle of chairs. The presenters will pose a leadership idea, opportunity or challenge, and after the 30-minute introduction, the focus will shift from the presenter to the audience. For the remainder of the 60- or 90-minute session, the presenter will become the facilitator and invite responses to comments and questions from those around the room, letting the audience dictate the ultimate direction of the conversation.

Talk Show Panel

These 60- or 90-minute talk show panels, consisting of up to three panelists and a moderator, are a great way to showcase multiple expert opinions on a topic in a short amount of time. Feature different perspectives, offer alternative solutions to problems, and start new conversations with this engaging format.

SLC Snapshots

Presenters will deliver in a TED Talk-style presentation and lead a follow up discussion with participants. Each presenter will be allowed to present for five minutes. After all presenters have spoken they will lead small-group discussions with participants on their topics.