Becoming a member of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities connects all staff in an organization to a network of thousands of social sector leaders working to positively impact their communities. Working together, members share the very best sector knowledge, test and develop solutions, and accelerate change through dynamic leadership development and collective action.

The network’s distinction is derived from members’ shared commitment to excellence, as well as our collective capacity to achieve meaningful systems and policy change. The network’s influence, rooted in this distinction, stems from our century-old spirit of reciprocity. This reciprocity is modeled through the interconnection of members, mutual accountability to our vision, and shared ownership.

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About the Members

Though all Alliance members have knowledge, values, and goals aligned with the mission and vision of the Alliance, they fall into different membership types:

  • Direct-Service Organization Members. This type of member includes multi-service private nonprofits that work with children, families, and communities; they provide and lead an array of programs including counseling, education and enrichment, adoption and foster care, workforce development, neighborhood revitalization, and civic engagement and advocacy
  • Association and Federation Members. This type of member includes organizations formed in specific geographic locations, generally a state or large city, that have members that are eligible to be direct-service organization members of the Alliance
  • Affiliate Members. This type of member includes higher education institutions, public entities, and for-profit companies

How to Join the Network

  • Confirm your organization is private nonprofit, and has a mission consistent with all organizations represented within the Alliance network
  • Contact the Alliance Network Growth and Development Department directly, or complete a membership information request
  • Review any questions with the Alliance Network Growth and Development Department
  • Complete the membership application

The Alliance is not a franchisee, nor does it issue charters. Alliance members retain their autonomy and local boards.

Membership dues are based on the organization’s total revenue.