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Youth Counselor
Child Saving Institute
4545 Dodge St., Omaha, NE 68132
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Position Summary
Learn all functions of Youth Counselor position and provide a safe, therapeutic and learning environment for children and youth ages 0-19. Provide supervision of youth within required program structure. Essential Job Duties: • Supervision: Maintain visual supervision and know where children and youth are at all times through implementation of the program schedule, positive interactions with youth, and participating in activities with the youth. • Structure: Maintain integrity of the program structure and ensure the therapeutic environment of the program by following the program schedule, helping youth meet outside expectations, and providing learning opportunities and experiences for the youth. Adhere to contractual requirements. Provide medication management according to program procedures. • Relationship Building: Develop and maintain effective therapeutic relationships by treating youth with respect, providing positive feedback, and displaying empathy. • Therapeutic Intervention: provide therapeutic intervention. Identify and use opportunities for teaching life skills in everyday activities. • Documentation: Effectively communicate written information (client files, medication logs, pass reports, caseworker calls, etc.) throughout shift to establish and maintain an accurate record of each child’s placement. Maintain accurate records needed by agency (incident reports or restraint reports, etc.) • Professionalism: Promote a professional, positive work environment by reporting to shifts, trainings, and meetings on time, following agency protocols, and being flexible to meet client and program needs. • Crisis Management: If trained in TCI, Handle crisis using TCI and other techniques in a way that positive therapeutic relationships are maintained. Document crisis situations according to agency policy and procedure. • Residential Ecology: Implement agency Policies and Procedures, licensing and accreditation standards, and maintain a clean and aesthetic environment.
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