CEO Blog: November 2016

Now More than Ever, We Must Come Together and Demonstrate the Very Best of our Sector!

Yesterday’s election is another turn of the dial on the pace of rapid and significant change in the world.

I know many of us are wondering what this will mean for the children, adults, and families we serve, and for our organizations and our communities. The election told us loud and clear that there are deep concerns and a growing division in our nation and within our own neighborhoods which calls us to stop, listen, seek to understand, and find common ground that brings us together for progress. It also calls us to be strongly committed to our sector’s paramount responsibility to values-based advocacy. … more

Nine-Year Partnership with Aramark is a Corporate Responsibility Model

The deep partnership the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities and our member network have had the honor of taking part in for nine years alongside Aramark, a global leader in the service industry, goes beyond an ordinary intermediary relationship. I think it’s extraordinary. … more

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