CEO Blog: August 2016

Shift in Focus Coincides with Changing Health Care Landscape

My visits with members of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities network allow me to witness firsthand community engagement, innovation, and many other exciting aspects of their work.

When I visit Oaks Integrated Care in mid-September, I look forward to learning more about how it recognized the trends facing the human services field, as well as the changing health care landscape, then determined how it could best fulfill its mission. … more

Member CEO Engages Public Sector Around Important Issues

At the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, we work hard to make sure we ensure the excellence and influence of our network in various ways. We take very seriously our role in providing our network with unique opportunities to build new knowledge, network with one another and with colleagues in the public and corporate sectors, and have influence on policy makers at all levels of government. … more

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