CEO Blog: August 2015

Thank You to Alliance Network, Staff, and Board

It is a real honor to be recognized on The NonProfit Times Power & Influence Top 50 list of nonprofit leaders for the mission and vision of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities: To increase the tremendous impact and influence of our great sector.

I thank all of the incredible leaders within the Alliance network, staff, and board of directors for their efforts to help our country understand the incredible role nonprofit, human-serving organizations have on society.

Nonprofit Sector Must Lead Call for Access and Opportunity for All

There are many times we hear well intentioned citizens, policy leaders, and media say, “People just need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.” This oft-used, overly-simplistic phrase assumes that we all are climbing the same ladders to success and does not take into account that for far too many people their ladders have fewer rungs and often times those rungs are further apart!

Until we all can start from the same level playing field of access and opportunity, this phrase will continue to ring hollow and we will not move the needle on tough social and economic issues. … more

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