CEO Blog: November 2014

Value of America’s Charitable Sector Goes Beyond Great Programs and Services

Happy Thanksgiving! I am in Long Island, New York, spending the holiday with our daughter, son-in-law, and fabulous two-year-old granddaughter.

Today, airport security thought it was strange when I put through three bags of stuffing cubes! My daughter couldn’t find them and they are a critical ingredient to our families’ age-old recipe—Dreyfus Stuffing.

My responsibilities tomorrow will be to roast the turkey, make four pies (I put vodka in my pie crust), and cook the stuffing and gravy. But my main job will be spoiling our granddaughter and handing her back to her parents when we leave! … more

If Not Our Sector to Lead Charge on Advancing Equity, Who Will?

Last week, I was the speaker at the annual meeting for Alliance for Strong Families and Communities network member Provident in St Louis, Missouri.

The experience I had over the two days I visited Provident and our 17 St Louis-area members was awesome. So many of them are embracing our signature work, the Commitments of High-Impact Nonprofit Organizations, as their strategic framework for excellence, impact, and influence. … more

A Reminder of Why Our Sector is So Special

There are times when you understand the true joy of America’s third sector!

Last week, I was in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, at Alliance for Strong Families and Communities member Family Service Association of Bucks County, which is under the stewardship and awesome leadership of CEO Audrey Tucker and her team. … more

Latest White Paper Promotes Details of Successful Health and Wellness Initiatives

Throughout our long relationship with Aramark, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities has truly benefited from the partnership to elevate the place and presence of community centers in neighborhoods around the country.

This is proven once again by the establishment in September of Aramark Building Community (ABC) Academy, designed to help community centers build capacity and expand programs. … more

Authentic Engagement Success Detailed in New White Paper

For this sector, the best results are often achieved when individual agendas are checked at the door and the focus remains on doing the right thing for kids and families.

That was the case with the Alliance Engagement Team, a group formed by the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities at the request of Maura Corrigan, director of the Michigan Department of Human Services, to assist the state in assessing the feasibility of a performance-based funding model for its child welfare system. … more

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