CEO Blog: June 2014

Great Transformation Requires Our Sector and Government

A June 2014 article in the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) magazine, Policy and Practice titled “Flexibility, Return on Investment, and the Great Transformation,” led me to realize I must share with you ways in which the Alliance for Children and Families is linked with APHSA.

First, I serve on the board of APHSA and its executive director, Tracy Wareing, serves on the Alliance Board of Directors. … more

2014 Neighborhood Revitalization Conference to Review Sustaining Efforts in the Future

Each year, our Neighborhood Revitalization Conference brings together people diverse in their profession, but very similar in their commitment to neighborhood building. It is from that foundation we plan the conference, knowing that dedicated people from government, philanthropy, and the private sector all share a similar goal.

The 2014 Neighborhood Revitalization Conference, July 24-25 in Washington, D.C., will pick up where the 2013 event left off in engaging leaders in the fast-paced field of neighborhood revitalization. Yet, this year, there will be an added focus on the future of neighborhood revitalization. We will review efforts to ensure neighborhood revitalization is enduring, lasting beyond changes in administrations. … more

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