CEO Blog: May 2014

Every One of the Commitments Taking Hold at Alliance Member

Yesterday I had the honor of providing the keynote address for a community event in Albany, N.Y. hosted by the newly-affiliated Northern Rivers Family Services.

This wonderful Alliance for Children and Families member announced its strategic vision for this “new” organization that clearly emulates the best of our sector! Northern Rivers Family Services is a nonprofit organization that provides business management and program guidance to its affiliate agencies, Northeast Parent & Child Society and Parsons Child and Family Center. … more

Alliance is Facilitator for Missouri Event on Children's Behavioral Health

On Monday, May 12, I had the privilege of leading a children’s behavioral health symposium that brought together members of the Missouri Coalition of Children’s Agencies (MCCA) with public payers and providers, including representatives from the Missouri Departments of Mental Health and Social Services and other nonprofit health care providers.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how Missouri can best serve the needs of its children and families in this transformative time. One of the topics we discussed was the fact that this sector will have to look toward other sources of funding, new partnerships, and shifts in the way we do our day-to-day work. … more

Hospitals Must Partner with Nonprofit, Community-Based, Human Services for Better Outcomes and Cost Savings

The 2014 Alliance Executive Leadership Conference, held this past Wednesday through Saturday in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee, was an excellent experience for all.

We spent a day with well-known Eureka! Ranch, where we learned how to create cultures of innovation that happen by design not by chance. … more

Documenting Paths to Family Resiliency and Success is Mission-Driven Work

I was honored to take part in a wonderful event this morning (May 13) where the Alliance for Children and Families and our partner Generations United released a new report, Intergenerational Family Connections: The Relationships that Support a Strong America, which documents findings of a national survey we commissioned on the state of the family in America.

The data shows what members of the Alliance network have anecdotally shared with me for years: multiple generations of families are interdependent on each other, and this connectedness plays a critical role in their resiliency and success. … more

Guest Post: Clearing Up Confusion between Efforts and Results that Matter

Dave Griffith, executive director of Alliance for Children and Families member Episcopal Community Services in Philadelphia, shares his thoughts on results.

This post, from his blog Wear Muddy Boots, says many social service programs have the steps that require hard work and effort, but the programs that matter are those that create the impact and outcomes that matter. Enjoy! … more

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