CEO Blog: March 2014

Being a CEO in this Field Takes Humor and Smarts

I have the awesome honor of traveling this great country and witnessing firsthand the passionate and effective leadership of the CEOs in the Alliance for Children and Families network.

To say they have complex, tough, yet inspiring, jobs would be an understatement. Today they find themselves leading through a time of rapidly changing disruptive forces. This includes steep reductions in funding, the move from program thinking to social change thinking, the need for organizational capacities critical for high performance, being able to demonstrate measurable results with return on investment, a rapidly changing workforce, and the exciting realities we face with the growing diversity of our nation. That's just to name a few! … more

LaSalle School and Bill Wolff: Best of the Social Sector!

The Alliance for Children and Families is blessed with an amazing national network of human-serving, social sector organizations that know that our part of the sector exists for more than delivering on contracts and that we are worth more than the size of our budgets, number of programs, and number of employees.

I know it sounds like a broken record because I say it all of the time, but our network knows that we are transformative agents of change within the communities that created us and that we must see ourselves and be seen as helping to solve some of society’s toughest challenges. … more

Article Prompts Member-Informed Response

After reading “Drugged as Children, Foster-Care Alumni Speak Out” in the Feb. 22, 2014 issue of the Wall Street Journal, I thought of the innovative and compassionate ways Alliance for Children and Families members work with adolescents in foster care.

The article, which is accessible through a subscription to the Wall Street Journal, discusses how some young people who were previously in the foster care system are now speaking out against how freely psychiatric drugs are given to these kids. … more

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