CEO Blog: February 2014

We're Making Headway on Teaching How Toxic Stress Affects Children

Yesterday, I attended my first meeting of the Federal Commission on the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect Related Fatalities. What an honor to be nominated to this commission by Speaker of the House John Boehner. … more

Our Network Must be Recognized as "Community Solutions Providers"

While presenting to a member of the Alliance for Children and Families network this past week, Greg Peters, CEO of UMFS in Richmond, Va., said something that I think captures very well the way we, the Alliance, equip our members with the networking, knowledge, and real solutions they are looking for.

Greg said UMFS is no longer a "community service provider." Rather, he said they are now a "community solutions provider." I love that! It pretty much says it all. … more

Legislation to Restrict "Re-Homing" Adopted Children

Applause is due to Wisconsin’s legislature where last week lawmakers led the way nationally by restricting the practice of “re-homing” adopted children.

When an adoption isn’t working, the children can sometimes be “re-homed”—which is transferring their custody with only a notarized statement. Without involvement from the state or adoption agency, there is no assurance of a background check, home study, or other verification of the fitness of the new family. A 2013 investigation by Reuters found that children had gone to individuals with records of violence, severe untreated mental illness, and who had previously had children removed by the state.
… more

In Good Times and In Bad, It Is Better to be Strategic

While nonprofit human-serving organizations often develop and deploy strategy for the purpose of growing reach and impact, I want to share with you one example of where strategy was instrumental in helping an agency strategically address a painful revenue shortfall.

The federal government shutdown in October 2013, the ongoing sequestration, and changing reimbursement patterns converged in the second quarter of this nonprofit’s current fiscal year to produce a $1.9 million revenue shortfall in the $46 million annual budget of Alliance for Children and Families member Volunteers of America-Minnesota (VOA-MN) in Minneapolis. … more

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