CEO Blog: January 2014

100-Year Anniversary of Member Shows Strength of Settlement House Movement

This past Saturday, Neighborhood House Association (NHA) in San Diego kicked off its 100 Year Celebration in historic Balboa Park with a multicultural display and timeline presentation of NHA’s impact over the last 100 years.

I want to offer NHA and its president and CEO, Rudy Johnson, my congratulations on this important milestone. This wonderful settlement house opened in 1914 to assist immigrants transitioning into the San Diego community. Today, NHA is known throughout the San Diego area as a cutting-edge comprehensive human service provider that serves thousands each year. … more

So Much at Stake To Remaining True to Who and What the Sector Is

“What's really at stake is how we remain true to who we are in a world that is remaking itself at a dizzying speed,” said Barack Obama in January 2014.

A truer statement could not have been spoken!

I believe President Obama’s statement during his speech on national surveillance policies has relevance far beyond the topic on which he was speaking. … more

Search for Social Equity Requires Authentic Engagement

On the morning of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I reflected on how one man with such faith, courage, communication skills, and steadfast focus on equity for all made such a difference in our country and the world—and not just during his life, but for generations.

We must not lose sight of the fact that in America today, while we have made many gains, there is inequity, racism, and bigotry, and each of us remain on our own personal journey to eradicate these things in our own hearts and in those of our neighbors. … more

A Leader’s Path Toward Equity: Dr. King’s Example for Us All

A special post from the Alliance for Children and Families' Center on Leadership for Martin Luther King Jr. Day:

This week we take a moment to celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., who truly embodied what exemplary leadership is all about. In many respects, King’s burning passion and value for equity, justice, and engagement mirrors what the nonprofit human-serving sector is about in achieving their mission today.

King’s message was clear: Equity and equality for all citizens in this great nation were necessary if we were going to achieve great things for neighborhoods, communities, and society as a whole. … more

New York City Launches HHS Accelerator to Reduce Contracting Pains between Nonprofits and City Agencies

In November 2013, former New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and former Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Linda I. Gibbs officially launched the Health and Human Services (HHS) Accelerator System, a collaborative effort between the city and the Human Services Council to improve the request for proposal (RFP) and contracting processes between nonprofit organizations and city agencies.

The HHS Accelerator System is an innovative approach to centralizing files and documents through its Document Vault and streamlining RFPs, thereby simplifying the competition process. … more

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