CEO Blog: December 2013

Two Reports Cover Timely and Engaging Topics

Two recent reports cover two very important topics in our field: poverty reduction and changing demographics. I hope you will take some time to review these free resources.

Dawn Lockhart, president and CEO of Alliance for Children and Families member Family Foundations in Jacksonville, Fla., shared a wonderful report on a poverty reduction effort in Jacksonville of which she and her organization are involved. … more

Mental Illness Treatment in Spotlight at Anniversary of Newtown Tragedy

A week after the one-year anniversary of the horrific and needless deaths of 26 children in Newtown, Conn., I would like to share my thoughts from this time last year with the added benefit of time. Here is my message from last year on the lack of societal connectedness.

From a public policy perspective, the Newtown shootings led to an immediate call for change in mental health programs. Some states responded in haste, others with deliberate attention. Federal policymakers did the same—a series of administrative actions from President Barack Obama and an outpouring of ideas and talk from Congress without the funding to implement them. … more

Guest CEO Blog Post: Undraye Howard on Nelson Mandela and Social Equity

Vice President of the Alliance Center on Leadership Undraye Howard has submitted this CEO Blog post in honor of the late Nelson Mandela.

This past week we have celebrated the life and times of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Though there are many lessons to be learned from his messages and the way he lived his life, he truly embodied the importance of advancing racial and social equity. As current human-serving sector leaders, we need to challenge ourselves around understanding the power of equity. It begins with us examining our beliefs, values, and even our fears around such issues related to race and social class. … more

Authentic Patient Engagement Required? Look to a Nonprofit, Human-Serving Organization

I have expressed this before, but I’ll say it again: If you want to understand authentic patient engagement that achieves positive health outcomes, look no further than a nonprofit community-based, human-serving organization.

Though it came out months ago, a Health Affairs article from February 2013 still rings true today. It discusses patient engagement and mentions that Leonard Kish, a health information technology consultant, called it the “blockbuster drug.”

As the article says, “The challenge is encouraging patients and providers alike to embrace engagement and achieve its full potential to improve health and care.” … more

Help Give the Gift of Regulatory Reform

This holiday season, let’s give America’s nonprofit human-serving organizations a gift that will keep on giving: the gift of reduced overregulation.

Despite their tireless work to improve the lives of children and families, our nation’s nonprofit human-serving and community-building organizations face increasing financial challenges – challenges that could be eased if we would only make a list and check it twice, to separate the “naughty” regulations from the nice – and then do something about it! … more

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