CEO Blog: November 2013

Follow the Leaders: Oklahoma and Minnesota's Efforts with Early Ed Applauded

An article in the Nov. 9, 2013 edition of The New York Times caught my attention. “Oklahoma! Where the Kids Learn Early,” by Nicholas D. Kristof, discusses how Oklahoma offers all children quality prekindergarten education.

It also explains that Oklahoma offers children and families living in poverty special opportunities to ensure children get off to a great start developmentally. Interestingly, their focus is not just on the child, but on equipping parents with the knowledge and skills they need to stop the generational transfer of poverty. … more

National Conference Speech Touches on Several Topics

Beginning and ending my remarks by asking “Why are we here?,” I hope my address at the 2013 Alliance National Conference both inspired and informed attendees.

I continue to believe that this field cannot be defined by the plethora of programs and services we provide under contact with others. Instead, we must be defined by what we achieve and the differentiating way we do our work.

The speech included important news on the Alliance, including how and why we established our commitments of high-impact nonprofit organizations.

Thank you for your support of the Alliance. Enjoy the speech!


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