CEO Blog: December 2012

Magnitude of Tragedy Unfolds Larger Societal Issue: Lack of Connectedness

As the news quickly came in on Dec. 14 of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, Conn., the entire country felt a sense of despair for the children, the families, the community, and our country.

As expected, an event such as this presents to the national spotlight important systems and legal issues. This time, it is gun control and mental health care. With good reason, these issues, and the intricacies that are involved, will be debated and examined for months and maybe even years to come. … more

As Fiscal Cliff Looms, Get Engaged and Take Action

As was expected, political leaders in Washington, D.C. are involved in a fight to negotiate tax reform and deficit reduction, and hopefully avoid the fiscal cliff (read more about the fiscal cliff in the public policy office blog post). Yet, even while competing plans fly back and forth, it is incumbent upon us as a network of organizations to get engaged. … more

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