CEO Blog: November 2012

Failure IS an Option! Susan Dreyfus Suggests a Column on Failure

It may seem strange, but I was delighted to read about failure in the New York Times on November 28. I want to share Sarika Bansal’s opinion piece “The Power of Failure” with you because I believe it offers a significant reminder that instances of failure in our field can actually bring about innovation. As Bansal says, it can also ultimately result in progress.

In fact, the lessons learned described in the column are very consistent with the Alliance’s Disruptive Forces report, specifically “purposeful experimentation.”

Listening Post Asks: What Makes Nonprofits Special?

Next week the Alliance will partner with other organizations on a “fly-in.” This is where professionals from organizations all over the country go to Capitol Hill to talk to their elected representatives about the importance of the charitable tax deduction for nonprofits. So far, more than 230 people are taking part on December 4 and 5. … more

Neighborhood Centers in Houston Hosts Alliance Board of Directors

Today, Election Day in the United States, I am in Toronto, Canada presenting to the Ontario Municipal Social Services Association 2012 Human Services Integration Conference.

It is a great experience to interact with Canadian municipal officials and nonprofit professionals. I was honored to be asked to encourage them to embrace shared governance, while moving from linear to dynamic relationships in order to get beyond high performing programs and services to a level of collective impact the economic conditions require. … more

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