CEO Blog: February 2012

Culture of Continuous Innovation Serves Members and the Sector so Well

On Thursday, Feb. 23, I spent several hours with a truly transformative leader: Andy Ross, president of Alliance member The Children's Guild in Baltimore.

During a tour of The Children’s Guild facilities, what impressed me most is that through their charter schools they have developed a culture of continuous innovation, and Andy works to extend this throughout the organization. He has also embedded the values of the nonprofit human services sector into the daily work or the organization. … more

See the View, Then Choose to Soar! Attend Latest Alliance Webinar

As I sit on yet another airplane, I am excited to blog about an Alliance-sponsored webinar on a provocative new report from the The Bridgespan Group: The View from the Cliff: Government-Funded Nonprofits Are Looking Out on Steep Cuts and an Uncertain Future. In fact, while still a public sector leader, I was interviewed for this report last year.

The webinar will be held Thursday, Feb. 23 from 1:30-3 p.m. CT. … more

Educating the Public on Poverty: We Have Work To Do

Comments made recently in the presidential election offer the nonprofit human services sector yet another reminder of the uphill battle we face in educating people about who the “very poor” are and the challenges they face daily.

We can cry foul, but the reality is that we have work to do.

As a sector we bear part of the responsibility that American citizens at all levels are not seeing and understanding the cumulative impact of this Great Recession. The fact is that not only are we facing a permanent reset in budgeting on the federal, state, and local government levels, but truly a renegotiation of the social compact—which may ultimately make the nonprofit human services sector more vital, with greater community and charitable support. … more

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