CEO Blog: January 2012

The “Over/Under Syndrome”

The nonprofit human services sector needs to take note of the truly stunning actions taken by the various organizations to mobilize the vast network of Internet users to whip up opposition to internet legislation they opposed (Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Protect IP Act or PIPA in the U.S. Senate).

What I loved about this effort, regardless of my position on the proposed legislation, is that not one paid lobbyist had to walk into Senator Harry Reid’s office to get the bills stopped. … more

Let's Partner So Kids Gain Access to Nutritious Meals in the Summer

I know its winter but we need to make sure no child goes without nutritious meals this summer!

Last week I had the opportunity to meet with Kevin Concannon, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) under-secretary for food, nutrition and consumer services, and Yvette Jackson, USDA associate administrator for regional operations and support. (I have known Kevin for several years from when we both worked at the state level.) … more

Jane Addams Hull House Keeps Vulnerable Citizens in Mind as it Closes Its Doors

I am heartbroken to have learned late this week that Jane Addams Hull House Association in Chicago is closing its doors after 120 years of exemplary service to the most vulnerable citizens of that great city.
… more

Trip Highlights Three Diverse Topics

My first trip was a great success! My thanks to Dennis Richardson and everyone at Hillside Family of Agencies in Rochester, N.Y. for their hospitality last week. This visit provided details on great things happening at Hillside and issues facing the field. I want to share three of those.

I learned about Hillside’s work with predictive modeling and analysis to identify high school youth in ninth grade who are in the 15-79 percentile in terms of the likelihood they will graduate on time. … more

Welcome To the CEO Blog

We’re only midway through January, but I and the entire Families International group of companies already are hitting the ground running here at our national headquarters in Milwaukee.

As I travel around the country during the months ahead, I hope to use this blog to share insights I pick up on the road, share stories about the collective impact we are having on the lives of those we serve, and help generate new thoughts and ideas.
… more

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