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Generative Partnerships Will Help Us Reach Our Lofty Goals

It was exciting for Tracy Wareing Evans, president and CEO of APHSA, and me to work together on Joining Forces: Two National Organizations Strive to Model a Generative Partnership to Accelerate Their Shared Visions, an article published in this month’s Policy & Practice magazine, because it covers a topic near and dear to our hearts: generative partnerships. … more

Alliance Working to Complete Data-Driven State of Sector Report with Partners

A poignant opinion piece on why social sector (nonprofit) organizations are important in building this nation’s human capital and creating equitable and healthy communities, appeared recently in California's San Mateo Daily Journal and was written by Arne Croce, a retired nonprofit CEO who was a part of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities network.

Notice my use of the term “social sector” versus “nonprofit.” Nonprofit in Latin translates to “no progress,” and I refuse to refer to our sector in that way. … more

Alliance Public Policy 2017: Working Together as a Strategic Action Network

As we enter the new year, we are all keenly aware that this will be a year when our sector will need to stand ready to fully engage in policy debates that could shape human services and impact equity in our nation for years to come.

The imperative for our sector, and our paramount role as leader and advocate, has never been higher. All of us must bring our extensive knowledge, courage, and unwavering commitment to our values to the table and engage in productive dialogue. We must insist that any changes being considered at the local, state, and federal levels are shaped by the lived experiences of the people we serve, as well as our social sector knowledge that comes from decades, and even centuries, of experience. … more

Article on Adverse Childhood Experiences Shows Income Level as Very Strong Indicator of Health

The compelling issue of how race and income are related to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) was examined in a recent article published in Health & Social Work, a journal of the National Association of Social Workers, co-authored by Jennifer Jones of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, Kristen Slack, professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Sarah Font, professor at Pennsylvania State University. … more

Now More than Ever, We Must Come Together and Demonstrate the Very Best of our Sector!

Yesterday’s election is another turn of the dial on the pace of rapid and significant change in the world.

I know many of us are wondering what this will mean for the children, adults, and families we serve, and for our organizations and our communities. The election told us loud and clear that there are deep concerns and a growing division in our nation and within our own neighborhoods which calls us to stop, listen, seek to understand, and find common ground that brings us together for progress. It also calls us to be strongly committed to our sector’s paramount responsibility to values-based advocacy. … more

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