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Traditional Search Just Doesn't Cut It

Skip the run-of-the-mill search engine and look for what you need in the Severson Center's digital collections. It is the only place to go for:

  • Premium Content. As a benefit of membership, access:
    • Materials submitted by Alliance members
    • Business book summaries and full-text versions of high quality articles that are often behind paywalls
  • Curated Information. Collections are built on years of member information requests and staffed by experienced librarians

Access the Digital Collections Now

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities Severson Center puts information at members’ fingertips. It offers access to several digital collections that contain book summaries, full-text articles, and sample policies and procedures that are particularly relevant to nonprofit human-serving organizations.

EBSCOhost Databases

EBSCOhost is a powerful online reference system. It offers a variety of full-text databases from leading information providers.

Use the EBSCOhost databases when you are looking for:

  • Immediate access to full text
  • Business book summaries
  • News
  • Scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles

If you have login information, access EBSCOhost online.

View more information about the EBSCOhost databases online:

Severson Digital Collections training is offered for your convenience. Contact the Severson Center with questions or for more information.

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