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Congress is on a fast track to replace the Affordable Care Act before the Easter recess in April. The American Health Care Act, as proposed by the House, would fundamentally alter the Medicaid program and, without further analysis and more careful planning, could create catastrophic and unintended consequences. For more details review this analysis of the changes.

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Apply by April 1 to be considered for Mutual of America’s Community Partnership Award, which recognizes the contributions of nonprofit collaborations with public, private, and other sector organizations. 

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 Ascend at the Aspen Institute, which elevates and invests in two-generation programs and policies, recently released a new report that outlines policy recommendations for communities, states, and the Trump administration. While the report acknowledges uncertainty and polarization in the political landscape, it references several forces, including momentum around brain science research, bipartisan approval for two-generation approaches, and creative efforts of states to integrate programs, in suggesting that the country is well positioned to help more children and families achieve their full potential.

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The Alliance’s Peer Exchange (APEX) groups are communities of human-serving professionals within the Alliance network who share a common discipline, a program orientation, or an organizational characteristic. While the APEX groups are member-driven, each one has a dedicated Alliance staff liaison. I play this role for the human resources group. My fellow liaisons and I are committed to making sure the Alliance is in tune with the challenges, opportunities, and trends identified by our groups.

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As we reflect on this year’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I wonder what he would say about us today, as a society—as a humanity? Particularly given the contentious election season and months that have followed, we must remember King’s birthday is more than just about his life and legacy as man. King’s courageous voice, engaging spirit, and relevant actions embodied the hope, fears, and opportunities we, as a humanity, faced during his lifetime—as well as today.

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