New Severson Center Favorite Resource: FrameWorks Institute

The FrameWorks Institute helps to put social issues into context. Their mission is to advance the nonprofit sector's communications capacity by identifying, translating and modeling relevant scholarly research for framing the public discourse about social problems.

Train to Reframe

Strategic Frame Analysis™ is a proprietary approach to communications research and practice that pays attention to the public's deeply held worldviews and widely held assumptions. This approach was developed at the FrameWorks Institute using a multi-disciplinary approach to evaluate the effects of various frame elements on support for social policies.

If framing is a new concept to your organization, the Framing eWorkshop is a great place to start. The FrameWorks Institute has aggregated research and recommendations regarding specific topics such as children, domestic issues, education, and health. Another valuable resource is the Products and Tools page containing webinars, e-workshops, issue-based toolkits, FrameBytes, e-Zines, and a Framing 101 Toolkit. Be sure to stay updated by checking out the FrameBlog.

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Date Posted: 
Mon, 29 Apr 2013
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