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Richmond, VA
Posted: 23 Jun 2017

Have you tapped your inner super-hero yet?

Relentlessly pursuing solutions. Untying knotty problems with our community partners. That’s UMFS.

Sound like hard work? Absolutely! If it also sounds fun and soul-satisfying, apply right now.

What do you need to work here?
1. A "can-do" attitude. We really mean this, that’s why it’s first.
2. Passion. Enough said.
3. A sense of community. Want in? Come join us!

UMFS is seeking an experienced and clinically-minded leader to administer, organize, and direct our therapeutic children's residential program on our Richmond campus. LCSW or LPC required.


Administers, organizes, and directs all aspects of the Child and Family Healing Center, a Level C Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility. Provides leadership for this campus based PRTF in a family friendly and healing environment for youth with various mental health and developmental needs, and often with trauma histories. 

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