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Goddard Riverside Community Center
Manhattan, NY
Posted: 1 Jun 2017

The associate deputy executive director is responsible for supporting the programmatic mission of GRCC’s early childhood, youth, and older adult programs. As the second-in-command to the deputy executive director, the associate executive director functions in a senior capacity, supporting the program directors in the areas of leadership, management, and delivery of services while fostering a culture of inquiry, collaboration, and sense of purpose.

Roles, Responsibilities, and Essential Duties:

  • Oversee portfolio of programs addressing needs and aspirations throughout the lifespan with emphasis on early childhood, youth, and older adults.
  • Supervise the work of program directors through regular individual and group meetings. Coach and mentor managers and leaders to develop professionally in support of organizational mission and best practices.
  • Connect “case to cause"; identify emerging community needs and connect to organizational practice.
  • Strengthen and amplify voice of the organization from participant to executive level. Seek opportunities to influence the broader context in which we work.
  • Ensure best practices, working collaboratively with the deputy executive director and performance improvement and innovation department to identify and implement evidence-based and promising practices and to identify emerging practices in order to develop research.
  • Participate in and lead ongoing performance improvement efforts through staff evaluation, program evaluation, and department-wide reflection and planning.
  • With program directors and in partnership with human resources and performance improvement and innovation departments, create and implement performance improvement plans as needed for program and staff.
  • Work with program directors and fiscal department to develop budgets and maintain fiscal accountability and responsibility.
  • Ensure accurate and timely delivery and reporting for all contractual obligations.
  • Monitor evaluations, data, and outcomes to support quality and accountability in all programs. Support a culture of inquiry, community input, and reflection for continuous improvement.
  • Develop and maintain external relationships within the field in support of community needs and Goddard Riverside programs and initiatives.
  • Work collaboratively with other programs and stakeholders, partner with internal and external colleagues, and represent the organization at meetings, conferences, coalitions, etc.
  • Promote a culture of learning, reflection, and continuous improvement, teamwork, and organizational identity.
  • Be part of a senior management team and work directly with deputy executive director in addressing macro-organizational issues.
  • Occasionally spearhead and manage special projects and additional tasks as determined by the deputy executive director.

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