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Brevard Family Partnership
Melbourne, FL
Posted: 1 Jun 2017

This position will serve as a member of the BFP senior executive team to propose, develop, communicate, execute, and ensure the sustainability of all BFP systems of care (SOC) strategic initiatives. The senior executive of strategy will function as an internal consultant focused on strategy formulation and execution to ensure an environment of excellence exists across the BFP family of agencies.

This position will assess opportunity for growth and development of the family of agencies and draft proposals and request for proposals as well as design and execute capacity building plans. The senior executive of strategy will proactively monitor overall performance in an integrated manner and ensure systems and processes are in place to measure qualitative and quantitative outcomes. Under the direction of the CEO, the senior executive of strategy will lead, guide, and direct all strategic activities identified by the CEO, board, and senior executive team.

This position will oversee the establishment of an automated outcome measurement system and will work collaboratively with providers to fully implement benchmarking. It will establish integrated use of Mindshare predicative analytics to report and drive system improvement. This position will integrate all data collected by and accessible to BFP. Using the result-oriented accountability system approach, this position will work with executive team members to recommend and develop policies, practices, and systems to implement, monitor, track, achieve, and report outcomes in accordance with the DCF contract and legislative intent.

Technical and Functional Expectations:

  • Best practices: Research and use best practices in order to achieve effective project implementation and outcomes.
  • Focus on long-term impact and sustainability: Lead organization in current and emerging business opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures. Involve stakeholders to provide trends, client needs, and local and state-level data and individuals. Identify emerging trends in the human services field. Conduct environmental scanning and identify and report on external threats and opportunities. Provide data and critical information on trends and changes in service improvement. Explore initiatives and opportunities to enhance the organization’s mid-to-long-term social impact.
  • Continuous improvements: Utilize established procedures for customer audit, identify defects, and propose improvement in order to recognize and resolve problems early and take immediate action.
  • Define engagement and project specifications: Define engagement/project objectives in order to set engagement and project scope and select the appropriate solution approach.
  • Monitors plans and schedules: Utilize project scheduling tools when appropriate (i.e. CPM, MS Project, Gantt) in order to track, document, and control project plans, schedules, and changes. Develop dashboard metrics with staff. Test assumptions, actions, and performance against goals. Evaluate and report progress of programs against strategy plan goals. Develop and monitor performance effectiveness measures. Lead agency’s performance management predictive analytics, dashboards, benchmarks, and outcome goals. Develop integrated systems to monitor and drive performance to establish an environment of excellence. Identify indicators of success across the SOC. Lead and monitor all cross-departmental strategic initiatives. Align program benchmarks with agency’s strategic imperatives. Mobilize and manage teams charged with executing strategies.
  • Project infrastructure: Set up facilities, technologies, and project standards in order to establish the people, process, and technology infrastructure for the engagement.
  • Resource management: Develop and implements manpower schedules, utilizing layout drawings, and project plans in order to proactively ensure that people resources, with the right talents, are able to achieve the project objectives.
  • Service/Total quality: Apply service/total quality systems and procedures in order to identify and resolve issues that may hinder the successful completion of the engagement/project.
  • Computer literacy: Transcribe, format, input, and edit information or data in order to create letters, documents, spreadsheets, and graphic presentations.
  • Database administration: Record and update customer account information on computer database in order to open and maintain customer accounts.
  • Program evaluation: Test new programs; compare programs with established standards; and make modifications in order to confirm program capabilities and specifications.
  • Business plans/objectives/strategies: Identify short- and long-range issues that must be addressed and develop options in order to develop business plans, objectives, and strategies. Serve as a consultant across BFP and the SOC to ensure integration of projects, systems, data, priorities, etc. to increase broad cohesion of strategic initiatives. Involve all stakeholders with strategic plan development and implementation. Establish a strategic culture within the organization.
  • Business process analysis: Act as liaison with specified user areas and confer with users to define business processes for systems application and integration.
  • Change strategies/plans: Assess organizational performance and direction in order to implement change strategies and plans.
  • Establish project objectives/plans: Analyze project proposals, negotiate and monitor outcomes, timeframes, funding, and resources in order to establish project objectives/plans.
  • Executive leadership: Responsible for the operations of the organization, the delegation of responsibility with the organization, and the establishment of formal means of accountability in order to ensure meeting all business objectives in a cost effective manner.
  • Management processes and systems: Assess process and system performance, diagnose problems, and recommend courses of action in order to improve management processes, systems, and organizational results.
  • Organizational and process assessments: Study clarity of mission, strategy, objectives, priorities, division of work, accountabilities, and communication systems in order to improve organizational results.
  • Strategic plan development: Develop and recommend all SOC strategic initiatives and goals into actionable and quantitative plans incorporating all performance areas, and develop processes to quantify and improve performance. Drive key strategic initiatives from inception through sustainability across the SOC. Assist, facilitate, and contribute to developing a strategic plan with CEO, senior executive of compliance, executive leadership, and board.
  • Strategic projects: Leads strategic projects in order to ensure "fast-track" to market/operational environment.
  • System and process development: Develop and integrate new systems and processes in order to enable growth objectives of the business.
  • Represents BFP in official capacity as needed: Communicate strategic vision to all stakeholders, the community, employees, partners, and clients. Represent BFP in official capacity as needed to implement BFP’s strategy internally and externally so that all employees, partners, and contractors understand the company-wide strategic plan and how it supports the SOC overall goals. Prior experience with public speaking and effectively working with key stakeholders, community leaders, and public is required to engage, collaborate, and drive improvement and advocacy.
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant laws, code, etc.: This is required to ensure that all elements of the system of care are in compliance with federal and state law as well as Florida Statute and Administrative Code.
  • Other duties as required: Job performance requires fulfilling other incidental or related duties as assigned, assisting and training others, and performing duties of higher rated positions from time to time for developmental purposes.

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