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FEI Behavioral Health
Milwaukee, WI
Posted: 3 Feb 2017

FEI seeks an ambitious candidate with post-graduate experience to join a behavioral health team of employee assistance program (EAP) and crisis management professionals providing account management services to corporate and government organizations.

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide oversight on implementation of new contracts
  • Process supervisor referrals
  • Facilitate EAP orientations
  • Prepare tabletop exercise trainings
  • Prepare compliance hotline reports
  • Update monthly operating report
  • Participate in client companies’ open enrollments and benefit fairs
  • Coordinate response to critical incidents
  • Other duties may be assigned

This position is located in downtown Milwaukee and reports to the chief operating officer. Applicant must participant in an on-call rotation and be willing to travel to customer locations in Wisconsin and U.S. 

Brown and Brown of Lehigh Valley, LP
Bethlehem, PA
Posted: 24 Jan 2017

The risk management executive is under the direct supervision of the director of risk management to work as a team with producers and account managers, marketing, and claims to provide comprehensive risk management services in support of production. 

Essential Functions:

Provide risk management services to customers including:

  • Assessment of risk
  • Assistance with achieving compliance with carrier recommendations
  • Interfacing with carrier on insured's behalf
  • Developing workplace safety plans
  • Assisting insured to establish an effective workplace safety committee
  • Qualifications of insured for Pennsylvania workers' compensation safety credit
  • Assisting insured to improve ability to manage and control risk
  • Providing insured inspections, training, and risk management/loss control resources
  • Loss analysis development
  • Development of business resource materials
  • Loss control resource expert
  • Back-up producer and account manager
  • Serving as the risk manager for the PCPA Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Trust
  • Assuring continuity of contracts such as that with the PCPA Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Trust
  • Developing curriculum and PowerPoint presentations to conduct webinars

Assist producers in development of suspects and prospects including:

  • Accompanying producers in development of suspects and prospects
  • Providing inspection of prospects and written presentation
  • Providing verbal support to carriers in quote development process
  • Accompanying and assisting producers to close
  • Must be able to work independently 
  • Must be able to work cooperatively and effectively

Other Responsibilities:

  • Provide in-house training
  • Involvement with local business coalitions
  • Involvement with trade associations
  • Attend in-house sales and marketing meetings
  • Maintain designations
Pittsburgh, PA
Posted: 8 Dec 2016

The 412 Youth Zone offers comprehensive, welcoming, and youth-oriented services and space for transition age youth with current or past connections to child welfare, or who are experiencing homelessness. The 412 youth Zone helps youth to feel welcomed, safe, and supported while offering the services and connections to help them face the challenges of adulthood.

We are currently seeking a 412 Youth Zone facility coach supervisor to provide leadership to a team of youth coaches. They ensure the youth receive high quality, relevant programming inside and outside of the Zone. The supervisor provides direct case management to youth as needed. Supervisors coordinate services with providers and referents. Supervisors provide mobile outreach to provide supports and opportunities for youth who are not currently living in Allegheny County but plan to return, and those youths who are not able to travel to the center. Youth coach supervisors promote the center and its services throughout the county.

Fort Collins, CO
Posted: 7 Nov 2016

As the licensed treatment director (LCSW), you will be responsible for the clinical oversight of all therapeutic cases and/or those that are defined for clinical oversight as required by contract within the communities served in our Fort Collins division. This will be accomplished through the following:

  • Monitoring programs to ensure proper implementation according to the program design and individual contract specifications and ongoing effectiveness.
  • Review file documentation for accuracy and compliance with SAFY’s program design, contracts, and COA guidelines for those cases assigned.
  • Review and sign case notes, treatment plans, incident reports, and quarterly reports.
  • In conjunction with intake person, determine eligibility of referrals as well as assist in identifying appropriate homes based upon clinical appropriateness.
  • Monitor, track, and address expirations of dispositions for the division.
  • Provide monthly clinical review and supervision review through individual hourly sessions with each worker carrying such cases to include the development of the applicable assessment, and assisting the workers in the development of clinical treatment goals, interventions, and performance.
  • Investigate and resolve concerns of foster parents, staff, and referring agencies.
  • Assign interns to appropriate staff to ensure that this staff member is responsible for providing supervision and teaching experiences for practicum students, perform evaluations for these students, and act as liaison between SAFY and university.
  • Assumes staff compliance with M & E and productivity standards.
  • Assist and/or provide contract services for cases when need is identified due to temporary understaffing in division.
  • Responsible for overseeing divisional compliance for mental health utilization.
  • Maintain and ensure accurate and professional documentation in appearance and content as required for all cases.
  • Submit written reports to supervisor and other parties as required in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Schedule, attend, and facilitate team (weekly) and referring agency meetings.
  • Attend professional training as required by supervisor, regulations, COA, and any other relevant controlling entity for a minimum of 40 clock hours per year.
  • Monitor staff training hours to ensure staff are receiving necessary training and determine/approve training sessions of team members as identified through case studies and clinical supervision.
  • Provide staff and treatment foster parent training.


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