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New Horizons Mental Health Services
Lancaster, WI
Posted: 28 Feb 2017


  • Assure quality services are provided in accordance with the agency’s mission.
  • Actively pursue strong relationships with community partners including the Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services (ADAMH) board, county and state officials, other funders, and constituents.
  • With the help of staff, consumers, the board of directors, and community partners, the CEO will develop and implement a strategic plan that addresses an array of services in keeping with community needs, both current and anticipated, and maximizes potential funding sources.
  • Oversee the agency’s conversion to Ohio’s Medicaid coding system.
  • Provide leadership for the agency’s staff, inspiring a positive work environment.
  • Provide the necessary vision and leadership to staff and the board in order to carry out New Horizons’ mission of “Improving health and well-being through quality mental health care and effective community partnerships."
  • Hold primary responsibility for managing the budget, ensuring sustainable, diverse funding streams and staff accountability in providing services, with the assistance of the chief financial officer.
  • Continually assess organizational capacity and capabilities in relation to strategic priorities.
  • Attract, retain, and engage effective employees.
  • Maintain a work environment that fosters employee excellence, a healthy culture of collaboration, continuous improvement, and mutual respect in order to ensure a commitment to the organization’s mission and high-quality services to all clients.
  • Serve as an advocate for New Horizons’ constituents and programs with community leaders, the ADAMH board, and the public in general.
  • Explore an active fundraising component to increase the New Horizons Endowment Foundation to support identified needs.
The House of the Good Shepherd
Utica, NY
Posted: 28 Feb 2017

The next CEO will have the opportunity to build upon these successes and challenges to advance an ambitious strategic plan. The executive will be charged with carrying out strategic activities that seek to grow the scope of programming impact as well as, potentially, the geographic footprint of The House. All of these activities will be done in partnership with a professional, dedicated board and a strong senior leadership team.

Staten Island, NY
Posted: 28 Feb 2017

With the elevation of Rev. Terry Troia to CEO, Project Hospitality is looking to enhance its management structure for future growth and is seeking an executive director (ED). This is a newly created position that reports to the Project Hospitality Board of Directors and a dotted reporting line to the CEO. The new ED will build on a legacy of effectiveness and passion for serving Staten Island, ensuring that the agency’s history is honored while leading the organization into the future. The ED will share a commitment to serving the Project Hospitality mission and have a proven track record of innovation and leadership. She or he will lead and motivate a high performance executive management team of direct reports:

  • Chief program officer
  • CFO
  • COO
  • Director of contracts
  • Deputy director for planning and evaluation.

The ED will ensure the financial strength and operating efficiency of the organization.

The board and CEO are looking for a mission-focused, seasoned, strategic and process minded leader with excellent managerial and finance skills and experience serving in a human services organization. The ED must be a leader who is able to help the management team deliver measurable, cost effective results to make Project Hospitality’s strategic vision a reality. Importantly, the successful ED will have the skills, sensitivity and personal confidence to tap into the power that each member of the team brings to this mission. The ED will be able to see the “big picture” and streamline the processes to create a stronger infrastructure on which to grow. While it is essential that the ED implement efficient and effective systems to increase the productivity of the organization, it is also critical that the team retain the client focused culture that drives the success of the organization.


  • With the board’s leadership and direction, collaborate with the CEO to develop the strategic plan. Lead the execution of the plan while ensuring the budget, staff and priorities are aligned with Project Hospitality’s core mission.
  • Provide strong day-to-day leadership; support an open door policy among all staff; cultivate the values of a client driven culture throughout the organization.
  • Develop, maintain and strengthen systems and procedures and ensure the smooth running of day-to-day operations.
  • Provide direct oversight of facilities, programs, finance, human resources, training, information technology, and general administrative functions.
  • Create coaching and professional development opportunities for senior program staff and program directors.
  • Responsible for risk management and legal activities including letters of agreement, contracts, leases, and other legal documents and agreements.
  • Ensure that the organizations’ programs are in compliance with all federal state, funding, and city regulations, certifications, and licensing requirements.
  • Create, edit, review, and keep current a range of operational policies and internal controls.
  • Working with the CEO, submit accurate and timely progress and financial reports to the board of directors. 
Children's Health Homes of Update New York
Albany, NY
Posted: 17 Feb 2017

CHHUNY is recruiting for an executive director to oversee the provision of family driven, care management services. CHHUNY is an independent entity created by 20 of Upstate New York’s leading child and family agencies to establish a Children’s Health Home. CHHUNY uses a model of care management based upon the belief every family has strengths, and are the natural and most effective drivers of their own care. This model also ensures families have ‘‘voice and choice’’ at every stage in the care management process.

A health home is a care management service model whereby all of an individual’s caregivers communicate with one another so all the patient’s needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner, primarily through a care manager. Health home services are provided through a network of organizations – providers, health plans and community-based organizations. When all the services are considered collectively, they become a virtual "health home."

As CHHUNY covers 54 counties, the successful candidate may be located in, and work from, anywhere in Upstate New York. The CHHUNY executive director’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Governmental Relations

  • Establish and maintain business relationships with the New York State Department of Health, Office of Children and Family Services, and Office of Mental Health; SED projected
  • Initiate and respond to county governmental entities including Single Point of Access, local government unit, and department of social service
  • Represent CHHUNY at state and local government meetings
  • Work with Health Homes of Upstate New York (HHUNY) to assure regulatory compliance regarding designation and continuing operations
  • Coordinate advocacy for additional government grant support on CHHUNY’s behalf, along with other advocates

Board of Directors

  • Principal contact for board membership development
  • Oversight of operating agreement implementation
  • Development of board meeting schedule and agenda
  • Follow-up with board agencies regarding in-kind contribution
  • Organize strategic planning, annual budget, and activity planning

Business Operations

  • Oversee the integrity of CHHUNY’s financial operations
  • Oversee budget development and implementation, as well as maintenance/expenditures of CHHUNY assets
  • Initiate and oversee CHHUNY marketing


  • Review and amend basic contracts for use with HHUNY, Care Management Agencys (CMA) and managed care organizations (MCO)
  • Review all CMA network contracts, negotiating each as necessary
  • Take the lead in negotiating HHUNY and other service contracts

Industry Relations

  • Establish and maintain relationships with other Health Homes including NYC CCF, the New York State Health Home Coalition, and the adult health home sector
  • Represent CHHUNY in small regional interactions between local health homes and local government
Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Services
Willmar, MN
Posted: 16 Feb 2017

Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Services (CABHS) in Willmar has an opening for an experienced leader to oversee the delivery of inpatient mental health services for children, adolescents, and young adults (ages 6-18) with serious behavioral and emotional disturbances. The treatment team consists of hospitalists, psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, and rehabilitation therapists dedicated to the use of evidence-based practices and integrated, person-centered approaches. Join our team as a State of Minnesota employee!

Duties of the CABHS Program Administrator include:

  • Provide overall direction and leadership to the clinical, human, fiscal and physical plant resources to ensure the highest quality care and treatment are provided to clients requiring child and adolescent mental health treatment and or/related conditions for a state-wide adolescent mental health treatment program.
  • Determine the direction and scope of treatment staff activity; develop strategies to recognize and resolve operational and physical plant issues.
  • Develop and maintain collaborative business relationships with local, county, and community services to provide an array of treatment resources to clients.
  • Ensure training and credentialing requirements are met and encourage staff professional development.
  • Ensure treatment services continuously meet or exceed all applicable Federal, State and local rules, standard, and regulations.
Largo, FL
Posted: 13 Feb 2017

Directs and coordinates Operations services within a defined area of responsibility at Eckerd. This position is responsible for organizing, managing and evaluating the delivery of diverse program services in accordance with Eckerd policies, procedures, goals, and business plans.

For a complete job description, visit the Eckerd website.

Los Angeles, CA
Posted: 11 Feb 2017

Long-time president and CEO Paul S. Castro will be retiring in 2017 after four decades of service.

Reporting to the board of directors, the president and CEO is responsible for the overall successful operation and performance of the $35 million agency, providing leadership toward the achievement of its mission, vision, annual goals, objectives, and growth. Supported by the executive vice president, the senior vice president of operations, over 230 full-time employees, and nearly 850 volunteers, the president and CEO must harness these resources to effectively implement JFS’s strategic goals and objectives while developing and maintaining relationships with donors, volunteers, community members, partner organizations, government, and other funding sources.

Additional key responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Define the strategic direction of JFS consistent with its vision, mission, and culture. Provide oversight of all operational functions of the agency, including program development, management and administration, financial management, community relations, fund development, human resource management, volunteer leadership, facilities management, and infrastructure growth.
  • Play a major role in fundraising, pursuing an agenda of donor outreach and exceptional donor stewardship to increase the organization’s financial resources.
  • Develop effective partnerships, collaborations, and strategic alliances with government agencies, foundations, corporations and individuals, other funding sources, and service partners.
  • In collaboration with senior management, maintain and enrich the organization’s strong, distinctive culture and operational values. Instill a culture of continuous improvement achieved through an ongoing process of defining goals, developing strategies, implementing systems, and measuring performance results.
  • Lead a senior management team to strengthen and support the programmatic, financial, and operational goals of JFS, including attracting, retaining, developing, and motivating qualified staff. Ensure opportunities for ongoing staff development and mentorship, including the setting of goals and measuring of results to drive organizational performance and outcomes.
  • Ensure the organization is operated on a sound fiscal basis. Working with the senior staff, oversee the development of JFS’s budget, manage within the budget, and keep the board of directors regularly informed of the financial status of the organization. 
  • Serve as the primary spokesperson and advocate for JFS in order to promote the mission by clearly articulating its programs and impact on the community. Establish and grow mutually beneficial relationships with nonprofits, government agencies, elected government officials, corporations, funders, community leaders, educational institutions, media, and others to support the growth and development of the organization.
  • Encourage an engaged board of directors in the work of the organization. Provide timely and accurate information to the board so it can effectively execute its oversight role. Facilitate the board’s operations and administration and contribute to the selection and recruitment of new board members.
Tampa, FL
Posted: 10 Feb 2017

A Senior leadership position responsible for organizing, managing, and evaluating the delivery of Out-of-Home Care services in accordance with Lead Agency Policies, Florida Administrative Code, and Statutory Regulations. This position is responsible for the oversight and effective delivery of placement and clinical services (a 24-7; 365 day operation) and includes after-hour On-Call duties. Specific responsibilities include ensuring a comprehensive assessment and intake process is in place for the evaluation and determination of the most appropriate level of care needed for a youth’s ongoing safety and stability. The Sr. OHC Director is also responsible for ensuring ongoing assessment of a youth’s medical, behavioral, physical, and/or mental health needs for re-determination of the most appropriate level of care; ensuring an appropriate step-down process is followed for youth placed in higher levels of care; ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines associated with the placement of youth 12 & under in a family like setting; and ensuring regulatory compliance with youth in need of special accomodations to include the need for a sexual safety plan and administration of psychotropic medication. The Sr. OHC Director must oversee a budget designed to support the needs of youth entering licensed foster care and develop countermeasures, when needed, to ensure OHC fiscal goals are achieved.

Tampa, FL
Posted: 10 Feb 2017

The Director of Prevention and Diversion is a leadership position responsible for organizing, managing, and evaluating the delivery of prevention and diversion community based services in Hillsborough County in accordance with the Lead Agency policies, Department of Children and Families Child Welfare Operating Procedures, Florida Administrative Code, and Statutory Regulations. This position is responsible for the oversight of planning and implementation of programmatic strategies, community collaboration, and coordination of all prevention and diversion activities related to the community based services with the Lead Agency. Specific duties include working in collaboration with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Child Protective Investigations Division and sub-contracted Diversion Providers to ensure effective resources are in place to strengthen families, mitigate safety concerns, and divert youth from entering further into the child welfare system. In addition, the Director is responsible for working with community leaders, stakeholders, public agencies, and statewide coalitions to garner support and understanding of an agenda for child and family well-being and community prevention.

McKeesport, PA
Posted: 8 Feb 2017

Auberle is seeking a passionate, mission-driven servant-leader that is committed to our mission of helping troubled children and families heal themselves.

The director of finance (DOF) is a mission-focused, seasoned, strategic, and process-minded leader on the executive team who helps drive the continuous quality improvement and performance culture among a group of diverse, talented individuals that make the agency a national leader. The DOF brings efficient, effective systems to increase productivity and develops strategy and vision to ensure the effective management of the financial resources of the agency. The position reports to the CEO.

The DOF is a dynamic leader with a proven ability to manage people, processes, risk, and change in a fast-paced environment. Requires strong business acumen with the ability to:

  • Connect sound financial decision making to the successful advance of the mission and achievement of the strategic plan.
  • Improve organizational effectiveness processes and analyze financial, government, and regulatory information to maximize appropriate funding streams.
  • Communicate, collaborate, and form working partnerships with agency leaders and external decision makers.
  • Serve as an engaged member on the agency executive team.
  • Lead the four-person finance department.
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