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FEI Behavioral Health
Milwaukee, WI
Posted: 11 Feb 2017

FEI, an established national employee assistance program (EAP) seeks an energetic, personable professional for a representative position in our beautiful new Downtown Milwaukee office.

This position is part of our EAP services center team and reports to the manager and chief operating officer. During daytime business hours, the employee assistance representative helps the team respond to telephonic or email requests from people using the EAP benefit provided by their employer for such services as brief counseling, legal and financial consultation, or finding resources for child or dependent care, higher education, adoption, or others.

This position is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Applicant must participant in an on-call rotation and be willing to travel to customer locations in Wisconsin and U.S.

Sarasota, FL
Posted: 7 Nov 2016

Reports to: President/CEO

This high level leadership position carries direct responsibility for supervision and management of severa lprograms including:

  • Healthy Families/Healthy Children/Healthy Fathers
  • Building Strong Families
  • Voluntary Interim Placement-Enhanced Recovery (VIP-ER) Program
  • Operation Military Assistance Program (OMAP)

The operational programs include information technology and facilities.

The position requires administrative oversight and entrepreneurial vision for the programs. Candidates must demonstrate high accountability, leadership, and ability to simultaneously work with a great degree of autonomy and within a team. They must also have broad-based knowledge and understanding of Jewish tradition and culture.

Duties and Responsibilities

Provide supervision and oversight of:

  • Healthy Families/Healthy Children/Healthy Fathers
  • Building Strong Families, Voluntary Interim Placement-Enhanced Recovery (VIP-ER) Program
  • Operation Military Assistance
  • Information Technology and Facilities


  • Individual and team supervision
  • Exercise sound, objective, and informed business judgment based upon ethics and a sole agenda of agency betterment with no hint of personal bias or personal gain
  • Participate in the hiring process when necessary and retain personnel

Program Planning

  • Ensure that all programs have operational plans that relate to the outcome indicators as well as any other relevant identified information
  • Ensure program directors are following program plans and have the necessary supports to meet their objectives
  • Assist in the development and implementation of best business practices/models that will ensure programs remain fiscally viable and at the ready for any and all external changes or requirements
  • Coordinate the quality improvement program

Regulatory Compliance

  • Maintain current knowledge of all regulations pertaining to the programs
  • Quality improvement
  • Program outcomes and reporting
  • Review policies and procedures to ensure compliance
  • Ensure complete compliance with regulatory standards and requirements within the respective programs
  • Monitor quality management and quality assurance to ensure the development, implementation, and monitoring of program quality assurance standards that are in compliance with regulatory requirements; includes participation in utilization review and incident review as well as conducting inquiries into questions with respect to utilization and incident review

Staff Development

  • Ensure evaluations and professional development plans are completed on time and supported
  • Ensure staff is provided sufficient opportunities for training
  • Develop an organizational structure of reporting relationships between program directors and senior management which ensures that adequate program supervision is being received on a routine basis
  • Development of staff to enable individuals to reach their highest potential
  • Assess the training needs and coordinate appropriate training in order to meet the needs of the departments, regulatory agencies and staff

Grants Management

  • Review contractual requirements, milestones, and ensure compliance
  • Assist in grant writing for new and existing grants


  • Monitor and supervise programmatic budget compliance and revenue of programs to ensure maximum revenue potential and efficient utilization of programs and drive corrective action steps toward improvement when needed


  • Conduct monthly walkthroughs to evaluate conditions and submit short and long term recommendations
  • Coordinate improvement efforts in partnership with appropriate area administrator

 Internal Representation

  • Participate in annual and monthly departmental budgetary planning meetings
  • Participate in executive staff meetings addressing agency-wide issues such as setting organizational goals and determining efficient ways to implement agency policy

External Representation

  • Participate in external committees/workgroups that increase the organization’s presence, obtain needed information and enhance JFCS reputation
  • Represent JFCS Behavioral Health and Wellness services at all interagency and public levels

Development of New Programs Initiative

  • Identify service gaps and plan programs and service initiatives to address areas and assist in presenting proposals to funding sources
  • Assess trends and community needs in order to facilitate program development
  • Function as a liaison to state, local, and federal funding sources as well as to other regulatory agencies with respect to ongoing operations
  • Plan and assure the submission of grants related to finding programs consistent with programmatic needs
  • Provide strategic planning and development for ongoing programs and new programs
  • Assess the needs of clients and evaluate program functioning relative to those needs; make modifications of program functioning as necessary in order to meet assessed needs
  • Ensure special issues which should be areas of focus to include development of formalized programs to address these issues and the development of new programming
  • Ensure maximization of census by coordinating and providing outreach efforts of programs to the community referral sources

Training Requirements

  • All JFCS mandatory training
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