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Families in Society webinars on such practice and policy topics like social service impact, community matters, and family-centered programming provide timely expertise and skill-building that a variety of participants will find invaluable to their knowledge base and in the field.

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Free Webinar Series

Creating Possibility: Community Solutions for Ending Youth Homelessness (October 2016)

Each year 1.6 million children and youth (ages 12–17) experience homelessness without a parent or guardian. In response to this, how do communities support safety, stability, and well-being for youth? This two-part webinar series will offer examples of what's working for youth and their communities, such as innovative initiatives that combine micro and macro approaches to possibility and change. 

Part One (Oct. 6) ► “It Saved My Life:” Transitioning Youth from Homelessness to Community
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A continued focus on “self-reliance” for youth in transitional living programs is not consistent with the experience of most human beings. Participants in this webinar will learn that housing is critical, but not enough. Rather, young people value services that invest holistically and authentically in nurturing their development and future goals while simultaneously building a community of support and culture of belonging that will endure.
Part Two (Oct. 12) ► Start with Accessibility and Affirmation: System of Care for Homeless LGBT Youth
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Because homeless LGBT youth often have been forced to leave home due to family rejection or violence related to their sexual orientation or gender identity, social service and housing programs must advocate for and create LGBT-specific programming. During this webinar, learn about a model for creating safe spaces and programs that assist in ending LGBT and allied youth homelessness.


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