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Offering increased features and functionality to better serve its readers in practice, policy, and research, Families in Society Online is available on the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities website and a comprehensive article database hosted with Allen Press.

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Additional info on electronic access changes:

Coverage includes 1996–present. Long-term archiving solutions for older content (pre-1996) is under review; for example, we are a new participant in LOCKSS, and are looking into other possibilities like open access or CLOCKSS.

Effective January 2013, electronic access is delivered via a paid term /perpetual use model (i.e., subscribers have perpetual access to the volume/content published during that paid term).

Example: a subscriber has an online subscription in 2015. They will have access to the 2015 volume/content in future years. Should they maintain a current subscription, they are also permitted to view backfiles on the site, but only for the duration of a paid term. If they don't renew, they only have access to 2015 in the future. 

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