Alliance Introduces Network Handbook

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities has launched the Alliance Network Handbook as part of ongoing efforts to drive network progress and alignment.

The extensive visioning and planning process that resulted in the Alliance’s theory of change in 2016 reactivated efforts to lean in as a network and led to a newly refined vision and clear steps forward. … more

Facilitated One-on-One Peer Networking

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities offers individualized one-on-one networking opportunities to help its members analyze specific problems, develop targeted solutions, and share specialized knowledge.

The process typically begins with a phone call to an Alliance staff member, who takes time to fully understand the specific challenge or question. The Alliance then identifies a member, or a small group of members, that successfully has overcome a similar obstacle and is positioned to provide assistance.

Members generally connect with each other over the phone, although face-to-face meetings can also be facilitated. … more

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