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Ending Homelessness: A Grand Challenge
for Transforming Practice & Policy

Co-Editors: Sondra J. Fogel & Heather Larkin

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Webinars: Learn and Lead

Families in Society webinars on such practice and policy topics like social service impact, community matters, and family-centered programming provide timely expertise and skill-building that a variety of participants will find invaluable to their knowledge base and in the field.

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Book Reviews (2007–2013*)

The Vibrant Family: A Handbook for Parents and Professional
reviewed by Richard K. Caputo
Families in Society Online, 2013, v. 94, no. 0
DOI: 10.1606/1945-1350.4264

Youth Violence: Theory, Prevention, and Intervention
reviewed by Janice M. Prochaska
Families in Society Online, 2013, v. 94, no. 0
DOI: 10.1606/1945-1350.4265 … more

Families in Society Online

Offering increased features and functionality to better serve its readers in practice, policy, and research, Families in Society Online is available on the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities website and a comprehensive article database hosted with Allen Press.

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Practice & Policy Focus Newsletter

Practice & Policy Focus is a newsletter supplement to Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services, the premier social work journal published by the Alliance for Children and Families.

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Families in Society is one of the most enduring and highly regarded scholarly publications on family- and community-centered social work. The journal has a long-standing focus on person-centered, asset-based approaches to practice and policy. This emphasis on translational research supports the social change impact the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is working toward to benefit America’s families and their neighborhoods. … more

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