FEI Behavioral Health

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities' social enterprise FEI Behavioral Health is one of the largest behavioral health companies in the United States. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Alliance.

As a social enterprise, FEI offers three service areas:

  • Employee Assistance Programs that enhance productivity and morale
  • Work-Life Services program that helps worker productivity and decreases absenteeism.
  • Crisis Management Services that assist airlines, corporations, government organizations, and other entities to prepare for and address the human side of disaster management

A number of Alliance member agencies work closely with FEI by serving as counseling providers within FEI’s Employee Assistance Program network or by offering crisis counseling to FEI’s Crisis Management Services clients.

Watch Ted Uczen, president of FEI, use a case study of FEI to show why reinvention is an imperative for social enterprises. He points out the successes and lessons learned in FEI's quest for sustainability and impact.

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