2015 Commitments Assessment Benchmarking Report

The 2015 Commitments Assessment Benchmarking Report allows members of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities network to benchmark their organizational strengths and challenges against their peers as well as prioritize areas of improvement.

To offer human service organizations a unique pathway to addressing key areas of leadership, strategy, and culture, the Alliance developed the Commitments of High-Impact Nonprofits and Commitments Assessment Tool

The 2015 Alliance Commitments Assessment Benchmarking Report provides a summary of the data received in 2015, the inaugural year of the Commitments Assessment Tool. A total of 34 human service organizations and more than 3,000 staff completed the Commitments Assessment in 2015.

Key Findings

Leading with Vision and Executing on Mission had the highest scores, showing that for a majority of the organizations using the tool, their leadership team is known to be both focused on vision and mission and to be highly regarded.

There was a big disparity, however, between the executive and professional level staff on assessing Investing in Capacity. Nearly 75 percent of executive staff felt their organization was adept at Investing in Capacity, while less than 50 percent of professional level staff felt the same way. This large difference in scores suggests that strategic investments and other decisions made by leaders don’t necessarily get communicated well to their professional-level staff.

This report is free and available only to members of the Alliance.

Topic of Report: 
Operational Research
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